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    Exterior House Painting


Exterior House Painting in Austin, TX

If the paint on the exterior of your home is starting to crack, look faded, or peel, it may be time to call an exterior house painting specialist. At Brilliant Painting Services, we can revitalize the aesthetic appeal of your home by giving it a bright fresh coat of paint in the color of your choosing. Aside from the visual benefits, exterior house painting can actually benefit you in other ways. For example, painting or staining seals off areas that may have become exposed to nature, decreasing the risk of termites (and other wood-eating pests) digging into your home and causing damage. Another great reason to freshen up is that, although the temperature during winter is not as harsh as other places in the country, a good exterior coat of paint will help prevent damage from harsh sunlight and heat to the outside of your home.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Exterior House Painter

Hiring a professional exterior house painter can mean the difference between your project looking the way you want it, and a lot of wasted money and time. First, exterior house painting professionals are highly qualified and experienced in their work, so they know how to handle setting up for unique situations that may catch someone trying to do it themselves off guard. On top of this, painting companies have their own equipment (scaffolding, ladders, correct rollers, paint, brushes and more), which saves homeowners from having to invest in it all to potentially only use once. One of the big worries about working with a painting company is the proper execution of the prepping and cleanup process. 

Brilliant Painting is sure to prep buildings expertly and professionally. This means ensuring there are no variables that could take us by surprise and cause streaking or an otherwise incomplete paint job. During our cleanup process, our painting contractors ensure that all tools and debris are removed, leaving you with a cleanly and professionally painted home.
Exterior House Painting Austin, TX – Brilliant Painting & Remodeling Services, LLC
Refresh the Exterior of Your Home!
Brilliant Painting and Remodeling Services is the premier remodeling and exterior house painting company in the Austin, TX area. We pride ourselves on our attention to crucial detail, meticulous work, and professionalism at all times. If you need exterior residential painting, give us a call and we would be happy to give you a quote and work with you to make your vision come to life!
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